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Baby Mama Drama

Seriously, who cares at all why Diddy and his baby mama broke up? I know I don’t care. Kim Porter went on again about why she left Diddy  for the millionth time this year.

“As Black women we sacrifice… We stand by our man, through thick and thin, through whatever. But if you feel like, ‘Maybe I am getting the short end of the stick,’ that’s when a change has to take place.”

 Oh shut the hell up! The rest of us black women know better than to have a baby or three with a slime ball that sleeps around and treats us like crap. Please don’t drag the entire black female community into your baby daddy drama.




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Actors Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have ended their relationship a source confirms to People Magazine.

It was rocky for awhile, says a source close to the couple. They did what they could to make it work.

Oh well, another one bites the dust!

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“It’s unfair when one person’s career is taking off and the other is really suffering,” the actor says in an interview due to air Sunday on AMC’s Shootout, the Associated Press reports.

“What happens – it’s not that they’re jealous of each other,” he says. “It’s that the person you share your life with isn’t in the mood to support. You want to have a pity party for yourself, but they’re off to the Golden Globes and you don’t want to go because everyone is going to think you are jealous.”

When will these two ever stop talking about this breakup?


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