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OK! magazine has on a post on their website about Brad Pitt and his recent trip to Venice, Italy. Brad’s there, as you know, to promote his latest film “The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford.” Well, take at look at what they wrote about his trip:

After several days of playing both mom and dad to their four children, while Angelina Jolie was off in Iraq visiting troops and victims of the ongoing military conflict, Brad Pitt is getting some much-needed “me time” in Venice, Italy, where the hunky actor is promoting his upcoming film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

…So where is Angelina? It’s possible that, though no one has spotted her in the romantic Italian town,

“They left the kids with their nanny at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel for the past two nights,” the source tells OK!. Wherever Angie is, Brad won’t be back in NYC until after Labor Day….. “

They titled this post “Brad Hits Venice Without Kids and Angelina.”

I think you can tell where they went wrong with this post. Anyone with internet connection knows Brad AND Angelina are in Venice, with the kids as well. Angelina returned to NYC on Wednesday and from there she and Brad traveled to Italy. So whatever “source” they have must be one without sight or access to Yahoo.com or Google.

Pretty funny, no? Let this be yet another reminder to question your sources. It’s all well and good to read gossip, talk about who is sleeping with whom, who’s a slut or skank ( both those are Paris Hilton), but when you look at this crap as some sort of beacon of truth you’ll end up with a lot of egg on your face.

Well, not as much as OK! magazine.



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I came across this great video response to all the tabloid bullshit circulating about Brad and Angelina. The author of the video sums it up best:

The Media in America has gotten to a point where you can’t believe anything reported anymore. Tabloid journlism has reached mainstream media and people can’t seem to tell the difference. So I made this vid featuring as many liars as possible. I made this video for all the haters at blogs who choose to believe and hold hate fro Brad and Angelina for no reason. I made this video for their supporters

Hope you enjoy and thank you jazzy45rocks for putting this video together.


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For the past year, give or take a few months, tabloids and entertainment shows have chattered on and on about Angelina Jolie’s weight. They all say she is too skinny and have come up with a slew of reasons for her recent weight lose. Some say it’s because she’s upset Brad wants to go back to Jennifer Aniston ( riiight) while others, via pointly worded blind items, have accused her of having a secret heroin addiction ( because herion is such an easy addiction that you can pick it up and put it down like smoking a cig). And some, like the always trustworthy National Enquirer, say she is suffering from a “secret. deadly, mysterious disease.” (yawn) The most recent coverage on the weight issue comes from Us Weekly. In their poll they ask their readers ” has she gone too far” and asks is she “too skinny.” This follows another poll on E!Online that asked the same question.

Now personally, I wouldn’t mind if she had about 10 more pounds on her (also wouldn’t mind taking her place and hooking up with Brad Pitt, but that’s for another conversation) but is she really that skinny? Are these polls and comments real concern or is it a thinly ( no pun intended) vailed attack on Angelina? I doubt E! and Us Weekly really give a damn about Angelina Jolie and what she may or may not be going through. E! didn’t care about her emotional stability when they were attacking her in 2005. They certainly didn’t give a damn when they attacked her live during the recent Golden Globe awards. Their red carpet interviewer Ryan Seacrest asked the most boring and innane questions to Angelina (practecly ignoring the person nominated for a GG, Brad Pitt). However, being the professional, she tried her best to answer. Well, as soon as she and Brad left, Seacrest and his co- hosts ripped into her. The following day Seacrest used his radio talk show to rip into her some more. He said “if she doesn’t want to talk then she shouldn’t have come. Don’t show up!” The following week her mother died. There was no apology from Seacrest or any of his collegues that attacked her all the while she was dealing with the pain of a gravely ill mother.

Which brings me back to my question.  Do these people really care? Like I said, I think she could stand to gain 10 pounds or more but this nitpicking of her weight seems to me to be an obsession. We’re too obsessed with weight in general, with losing weight and gaining weight. If Angelina Jolie put on 15 or more pounds do you really think Us Weekly and all the rest of the tabloid world wouldn’t jump on the chance to question her weight gain? They’d say she was pregnant or fat. This issue with Angelina’s weight doesn’t seem to be about her but rather our own issues with weight. Not to mention our obsession with peeking into the lives of celebrities and following their every move.

If we’re going to question her weight lose then we should do so with actual concern and not pretend to care. Us askes if she’s “taking it too far” as if she is going out of her way to be thin. Angelina Jolie has gone on record more than once this year about her weight and the rumors. During an interview in Canne, France, Angelina had this to say:

This year, I lost my mom. I’ve gone through a lot. I have four kids. I just finished breast-feeding. It’s been hard to get my nutrition back on track and learn about my body after birth. I am doing the best I can. The thing that’s disturbing is that instead of somebody saying, oh, this looks like somebody who is dealing with something from emotions—it’s, do they want to fit into skinny jeans? I don’t encourage young girls to be too thin. I do want people to understand that I am just trying to work through a very difficult year.

As a fan of Angelina Jolie, and as a human being, I will refrain from taking part in some insensire poll about her weight. Instead I will wish Angelina and her family well. Despite what we may think or say about Angelina Jolie, that she’s a “goddess” or a super woman, she’s not. She’s a human being that like us all is trying to live her life. To deal with the stress and sadness that a lose of a parent brings and the stress and joy that comes with a large family and a stable relationship.


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More photos of Angelina on the Chicago set of her latest film Wanted. Despite all the attention Angelina’s getting she’s actually not the central character of the film. The actual star is Scottish actor James McAvoy, who can be seen in this shot


On a political note ….

According to AP, Jolie responded to a rumor that she’s supporting Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards for the 2008 election

“There are many false stories that circulate about me, but the one I feel I need to address, because it is about such an important topic, is that I have not decided to endorse John Edwards, or any other presidential candidate,” she said. “Like many Americans, I am learning more about the candidates’ records and positions but at this time I have not yet made an endorsement…”

 And just where did this rumor get its start? Why, Life and Style magazine of course!

Angelina Jolie Drenches Brad Pitt with Wine in Fight Over Barack Obama

Aug 1, 2007

The magazine will report in this week’s issue that things got so heated that Angie empties that glass in Brad’s face an insider tells the weekly entertainment magazine. “They got into a huge fight about politics,” says an insider close to the Pitt family. (Brad, explains another insider, supports Barack Obama, while Angie’s a John Edwards fan.) “Brad ended up calling her immature. He says the next thing he knew, Angie was cursing at him and throwing a glass of wine in his face.”

So there you have it. Angelina Jolie isn’t supporting any candidate in the ’08 elections and Life and Style is still full of shit.



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The Chicago Sun Times reported that Angelina Jolie was in Chicago on Monday August 6th filming her upcoming film Wanted. The newspaper said Angelina, and five bodyguards, were seen going to the John Hancock center to eat in the Signature Room.

On Tuesday, August 7th, Angelina Jolie and her family were photographed arriving in Chicago from their private plane. Now, instead of correcting their mistake, like a real journalist, they now say Angelina was in Chicago friday and left the same day.

Well there’s a little problem, Angelina was photographed with her son Maddox on Friday going to a studio to do some voice work for her upcoming film Kun Fu Panda. On  saturday and sunday Angelina was with her family in Santa Barbara celebrating her oldest son’s birthday. 

Maybe next time The Chicago Sun Times should do some real research and report the truth, that’s what real journalists do.

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Ok so if you live in the Philly area you probably saw this little segment on Brangelina. Entitled Trouble of Jolie-Pitt Land, the reporter basically gives you a run down of the bottom feeders of the tabloid world Life & Style’s 2, 345th story of the Jolie-Pitt’s supposed breakup.

And I thought people watched the news to you know, get news, not something that they can scan through in a supermarket check out while waiting for the person ahead of you buy $200 worth of groceries with a check.

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