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OK! magazine has on a post on their website about Brad Pitt and his recent trip to Venice, Italy. Brad’s there, as you know, to promote his latest film “The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford.” Well, take at look at what they wrote about his trip:

After several days of playing both mom and dad to their four children, while Angelina Jolie was off in Iraq visiting troops and victims of the ongoing military conflict, Brad Pitt is getting some much-needed “me time” in Venice, Italy, where the hunky actor is promoting his upcoming film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

…So where is Angelina? It’s possible that, though no one has spotted her in the romantic Italian town,

“They left the kids with their nanny at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel for the past two nights,” the source tells OK!. Wherever Angie is, Brad won’t be back in NYC until after Labor Day….. “

They titled this post “Brad Hits Venice Without Kids and Angelina.”

I think you can tell where they went wrong with this post. Anyone with internet connection knows Brad AND Angelina are in Venice, with the kids as well. Angelina returned to NYC on Wednesday and from there she and Brad traveled to Italy. So whatever “source” they have must be one without sight or access to Yahoo.com or Google.

Pretty funny, no? Let this be yet another reminder to question your sources. It’s all well and good to read gossip, talk about who is sleeping with whom, who’s a slut or skank ( both those are Paris Hilton), but when you look at this crap as some sort of beacon of truth you’ll end up with a lot of egg on your face.

Well, not as much as OK! magazine.


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All About Kate

On Sunday, August 26th, actor Owen Wilson attempted to take his own life. The media has been going into a frenzy since that day trying outdo each other in their tacky coverage of this tragic incident.

The winner is Us Weekly. They titled their cover story “Kate’s Nightmare” , giving a tiny little line about the person who’s actually living the nightmare. How is it “Kate’s Nightmare”? Was she the one dealing with depression and addiction? Was it Kate that slashed her wrists with a knife and downed a bottle of pills? I’m not a fan of Kate Hudson. I’m no fan of movies centering around blond women bouncing up and down playing some goofy hippie chick. However, it’s clear that this is not about Kate Hudson. Owen Wilson is a man dealing with serious emotional issues. I’m sure breaking up with someone is painful but I doubt the breakup was the sole reason for his suicide attempt.

If anyone actually cares about Owen Wilson you won’t buy this bullshit magazine or any tabloids for that matter. Give the man what he asked for, which is to respect his privacy. Let him get his life together, let him heal in peace. And for God’s sake stop watching Kate Hudson movies.

Ok, that last one was about me. But seriously, her movies suck!

Credit: Us Weekly

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I came across this great video response to all the tabloid bullshit circulating about Brad and Angelina. The author of the video sums it up best:

The Media in America has gotten to a point where you can’t believe anything reported anymore. Tabloid journlism has reached mainstream media and people can’t seem to tell the difference. So I made this vid featuring as many liars as possible. I made this video for all the haters at blogs who choose to believe and hold hate fro Brad and Angelina for no reason. I made this video for their supporters

Hope you enjoy and thank you jazzy45rocks for putting this video together.


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Big thanks to Maary for the scans!

Here is the lastest issue of People magazine and also Cowboys and Indians magazine. The latter covers Brad’s upcoming film The Assasination of Jessie James, due out sometime this fall.

People Magazine:


Cowboys and Indians:




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 It’s Britney overload this week. Please make it stop!

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New York magazine has a interesting article about the “explosion” in adoptions taking place in the United States and the anxiety it brings up for those who once ago found adoption so taboo. The central question raised is are adopted children loved differently than biological children?

There is a small section that focuses on Angelina’s adoption and the media coverage over her biological daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

When Angelina Jolie gave birth to her first biological child, Shiloh, after having adopted two children from Cambodia and Ethiopia, the media attention was, as with everything regarding Jolie, Talmudic in its intensity. Was she too thin or too fat? (The only two options.) Would she have a C-section? Breast-feeding: yea or nay? But the greatest attention focused on the fact that the baby was Jolie’s genetic progeny; here, at last, the tabloids implied, was the one true child of Brangelina. Much of this media attention veered, tropistically, toward one central, titillating question: Would Angelina love this baby more? Was Shiloh more genuine, somehow, than those others, the ones with the mohawks and the sad orphan histories? Or, perversely, would she love this baby less—was Angelina unnatural, ideological, focusing her love on her traumatized foreign children, immune to the call of her own blood?

This speculation—a brittle shell of admiration barely concealing a slab of sneer—was only fed by a candid interview in which Jolie, after some prompting by the reporter, referred to her newborn as a “blob.” Though she was merely describing the difference between caring for an older baby versus a wobbly-necked newborn, the remark was interpreted as a slight to Shiloh, especially when considered alongside Jolie’s acknowledgment that the contrast between her adopted children’s difficult backgrounds and Shiloh’s privilege shaded the way she bonded with them. All in all, many observers seemed to conclude, there was something perverse about Jolie’s nature as a mother: the unwieldy mix of children, the family’s caravan style of world travel, that arm tattoo listing the longitude and latitude of her children’s birthplaces.

The article overall is very well done. It doesn’t simply focus on Angelina and her adoptions. The reporter interviews many non famous adoptive families to examine the questions celebrity adoption bring up, which not only effects them but the countless other blended families out there that also want to build families that know no color boundary or nationality.

To read the full article click here

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