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Big thanks to Maary for the scans!

Here is the lastest issue of People magazine and also Cowboys and Indians magazine. The latter covers Brad’s upcoming film The Assasination of Jessie James, due out sometime this fall.

People Magazine:


Cowboys and Indians:





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Maybe I’m just a bitchy person (maybe? I Am!) but I have zero sympathy for Paris Hilton and the rest of her “classy” family. People.com has a rediculously long article on the “pain” of being a Hilton. Kathy Hilton describes to People what was the toughest part of seeing her daughter being punished for her crime go to jail. 

For Kathy Hilton, the toughest part about daughter Paris Hilton’s being in jail– and on the other side of the glass partition that separated them during visits – was “seeing the rashes on her arms and face from the thin sheets.” 

Riiiight, the rashes came from the “thin sheets.”

You can read the rest of this needlessly long article here

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