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More photos of Angelina on the Chicago set of her latest film Wanted. Despite all the attention Angelina’s getting she’s actually not the central character of the film. The actual star is Scottish actor James McAvoy, who can be seen in this shot


On a political note ….

According to AP, Jolie responded to a rumor that she’s supporting Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards for the 2008 election

“There are many false stories that circulate about me, but the one I feel I need to address, because it is about such an important topic, is that I have not decided to endorse John Edwards, or any other presidential candidate,” she said. “Like many Americans, I am learning more about the candidates’ records and positions but at this time I have not yet made an endorsement…”

 And just where did this rumor get its start? Why, Life and Style magazine of course!

Angelina Jolie Drenches Brad Pitt with Wine in Fight Over Barack Obama

Aug 1, 2007

The magazine will report in this week’s issue that things got so heated that Angie empties that glass in Brad’s face an insider tells the weekly entertainment magazine. “They got into a huge fight about politics,” says an insider close to the Pitt family. (Brad, explains another insider, supports Barack Obama, while Angie’s a John Edwards fan.) “Brad ended up calling her immature. He says the next thing he knew, Angie was cursing at him and throwing a glass of wine in his face.”

So there you have it. Angelina Jolie isn’t supporting any candidate in the ’08 elections and Life and Style is still full of shit.




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Behavior that got Brtiney Spears labeled a tramp by Us Weekly get’s Kate Hudson a much different headline.

Both women have kids, both “dated” soon after separating from their husbands. Yet one’s a tramp and another’s a sweetheart.

This is a pic taken recently of Kate Hudson and her latest boy toy. Some unfunny comedian named Dax Shepard. The two were spotted enjoying ” a steamy summer trip.”

Perhaps I’m totally wrong about the double standard. Maybe if Kate was wearing a hat while swimming this would be labeled a “tramp-age.”


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 Us Weekly magazine posted an article for their latest cover. The target this week… Britney Spears.

Now, I’m not the biggest supporter of Britney Spears. She has horrible taste in men, clothes, and did I mention men?

But just reading the first line alone of Us Weekly’s article had me rolling my eyes and jumping to defend her.

Britney Spears is on a tramp-age!

This from the magazine that helped make a dog abusing, racist, club hopping hotel heiress a household name. They exploit and promote promiscuity and racklessness. Yet, they label Britney Spears a “tramp”? Perhaps she should have given an indepth interview to Us Weekly, kissed Janice Min’s ass, and weeped Aniston-style throughout. Perhaps then she’d get the approval of such a high-minded and moralistic magazine.


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4zj2n7k.jpg 4zx2ts1.jpg

Life and Style magazine purchased the exclusive rights to publish pictures (posted here) of Brad, Angelina and family enjoying some time at their Santa Barbara home.

As you can see they have added their big watermark over the two pictures they posted on their site.

So, given how extremely predictable this magazine is when it comes to writing about the Pitts, we want you to come up with your own headline for their next story. What story angle do you think will accompany these lovely photos?

This is my headline guess: “Brad and Angelina: Their secret Al Qaeda training camp for children”


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Also: Us Readers should have better taste in magazines.  

Britney Spears

According to Us Weekly, their readers are starting to have real doubts that a pole dancing, head shaving, chicken eater can properly raise children.

Though many haven’t completely given up hope that Britney Spears can turn things around, 43% of you think it’s time for Kevin Federline to get the kids.

On Aug. 1, Kaplan himself told Us, “All of these things that come out [about Britney], if true, are things that would concern me…[Federline’s] desire is that these kids have a chance to grow up free, in as normal an environment as possible.

Normal enviornment? This is Britney and Kevin we’re talking about, right?

I think the best way to solve this is to just hand the kids over to Brad and Angelina. Their wardrobe alone would improve.

Although that would open them up to constant accusations from Us readers that they stole the kids thus depriving Jennifer Aniston the opportunity to adopt them.


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