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This my favorite video of the year. Vice President Dick Cheney in 1994 explaining why America should not invade Iraq. I prefer this Dick then the one we’ve been stuck with for the past seven years.

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I must confess, I never paid any attention to her before her split from Brad Pitt, and then the Vanity Fair interview happened. After reading the interview, I thought, what a cold, conniving, manipulative woman. I would have had more respect for her as a woman if she had come out and said “Brad cheated on me”, but NO, in that passive aggressive behavior of hers, she tells us she will always love Brad but unleashes her friends to do the attack, and allowed the interviewer to bash Brad’s new woman and her young children. If there was ever any chance of me feeling any pity for her, that dissipated right there.

The Vanity Fair interview gave birth to the pity party and the never ending triangle that has become a cottage industry for the tabloids. “Poor Jen”, dumped by “the cad” for the “homewrecker” Jolie, every woman that has ever been dumped now had a figure to unleash their hurt feelings. Brad Pitt became that guy that dumped them or cheated on them, even though Brad has never had any reputation of ever having cheated on a partner, and his ex-girlfriends have always said he was the perfect gentleman.

Whenever I read articles saying how Jennifer handled her divorce with class, I am amused to no end. Is making a career out of your divorce classy? Nicole Kidman handled her divorce with class, even publicly wished her ex-husband well at the birth of his daughter, but Jennifer was too bitter to show that kind of class, because she doesn’t have it.

The media has to a large extent become enablers for this girl-woman. They never hold her accountable for her behaviors, they seem to be beholden to her Publicist and of course, it sells to continue feeding the public the girl next door image, though I don’t know how many people could afford a $1om dollars home let alone live next door to her. I am still laughing at how the same media was played by the “American sweetheart” constantly telling them that a baby is on the way even as she signs up for seven movies while her marriage disintegrates around her. This is a woman who chose movie stardom over a family life, nothing wrong with the choice, but be clear about your choices and own your life’s decision instead of blaming it on someone else.

I am tired of the media treating this woman with kid gloves and glossing over her mistakes. She is never responsible for any of her actions, not in her personal or professional life and yet I am supposed to feel sorry for her because she lied to her husband about having a family that she never wanted, and when he wised up to her deceit, he high tailed it out of there. This is a woman with a manufactured public personae and that is why she looks scared to death in most of her pictures. She looks like a woman who is afraid her real life will catch up with her and she will be exposed for the fraud that she is. That must be the biggest price she has to pay for fame, knowing she has to live a lie. Some public people would rather be hated for who they are than to be loved for who they are not, and those people have my utmost respect because they live honestly.

Jennifer worked so hard to get my pity even as she exploited her breakup for career advancement. I adore strong women who live their lives boldly and honestly and make no apologies for their choices. The poor Jen shtick has worn thin. She is still working that pity party the way that only she can, I am almost certain that she doesn’t miss her marriage, but misses the opportunities that being Mrs Pitt accorded her, and she will continue ride his coattail for as long as it serves her well.

There is something ironic about the media appointed “American Sweetheart”, they always end up imploding. Who can forget how the media treated Christina Aguilera very harshly while selling Britney as the wholesome virgin, time has a way of exposing the truth, between Christina and Britney, who is looking wholesome right now? So I do have faith that after all the PR orchestrated new relationships, Jennifer might still redeem herself by owning up to her life and telling the truth, and then maybe she could stop looking like a woman who is afraid of her skeleton filled closet being exposed to the world, Christina is certainly having the last laugh over the media crafted image of Britney, the real Britney emerged, just that it took a bit long. The real Jennifer will be exposed, it just might take a bit too long.

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There is probably no word like tabloidzation, but what other word do you use for the dumbing down of the media in particular and the public in general?

There was a time when people would have been ashamed to pick up a copy of a tabloid magazine, not any more. Venerable newspapers like The New York Times even use them as a source. I am particularly pissed at the laziness exhibited by the media, nobody bothers to fact check stories any more.

I just read a story posted online by a staff writer for Chicago Tribune about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie taking their children to a museum on sunday evening. True, they did take their children to a museum, but the story was filed on saturday. Did the journalist file his story on saturday in anticipation that the Pitts would take their brood out on sunday or was it just incompetence on the reporter’s side?

What bugs me is that if they could get the most basic story wrong, what are the chances they are doing any research on the serious stories that are being published? Has the public been so dumbed down that we cannot tell the difference? If the media cannot be held accountable for knowingly disseminating false information and being unethical, should they still have the protection afforded them by the freedom of the press? The media has become so intellectually dishonest that they are more about making a name for themselves and enriching their bank accounts than they are about keeping the public informed.

There is no longer a distinguishing line between real news and gossip. When I tune in to watch Count down on MSNBC, I do not expect to see fiction tabloid writers proclaiming with a serious face that Brad and Angelina are breaking up for 1,000,000th time and that the eternal victim (Jennifer Aniston) is “doing well.”  You have NYT doing positive profiles of famewhores and celebrity wannabes like Harvey Levin and Perez Hilton, you have Washington Post publishing a write up from the dumbest tabloid-Life and Style. This begs the question, is there really any difference today between tabloids and the so called legit, or are we already on the slippery slope where everything is all about gossip and innuendo?

I, for one, no longer have any faith in the media. I neither believe what I read in the newspapers nor do I believe the news on TV. The legit media need to get their acts together, but if they want to become tabloids then they should do away with the pretenses that they care about serious journalism and the truth. It is time that the tabloids are held accountable for the lies they print instead of allowing them to hide behind the freedom of the press.

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The Chicago Sun Times reported that Angelina Jolie was in Chicago on Monday August 6th filming her upcoming film Wanted. The newspaper said Angelina, and five bodyguards, were seen going to the John Hancock center to eat in the Signature Room.

On Tuesday, August 7th, Angelina Jolie and her family were photographed arriving in Chicago from their private plane. Now, instead of correcting their mistake, like a real journalist, they now say Angelina was in Chicago friday and left the same day.

Well there’s a little problem, Angelina was photographed with her son Maddox on Friday going to a studio to do some voice work for her upcoming film Kun Fu Panda. On  saturday and sunday Angelina was with her family in Santa Barbara celebrating her oldest son’s birthday. 

Maybe next time The Chicago Sun Times should do some real research and report the truth, that’s what real journalists do.

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 Us Weekly magazine posted an article for their latest cover. The target this week… Britney Spears.

Now, I’m not the biggest supporter of Britney Spears. She has horrible taste in men, clothes, and did I mention men?

But just reading the first line alone of Us Weekly’s article had me rolling my eyes and jumping to defend her.

Britney Spears is on a tramp-age!

This from the magazine that helped make a dog abusing, racist, club hopping hotel heiress a household name. They exploit and promote promiscuity and racklessness. Yet, they label Britney Spears a “tramp”? Perhaps she should have given an indepth interview to Us Weekly, kissed Janice Min’s ass, and weeped Aniston-style throughout. Perhaps then she’d get the approval of such a high-minded and moralistic magazine.


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Ok, so unless you are totally unaware of TMZ.com, and if you are, good for you. But for those who are aware of it, you probably received the shock of your life.

A little plane crashed in Santa Barbara, on a private beach wednesday evening; TMZ posted the photos on their site and called it “Brad Pitt crash plane” because we all know Brad owns a property in Santa Barbara , and it was “supposedly” his private beach; that’s what was insinuated along with maybe Brad Pitt himself being in the plane when it crashed.

Well here he is pictured that same day across the Atlantic along with Angelina and their daughters (cute kids non?)

Once again, another example of how low some members of the media will go to manipulate their audience. TMZ of course knew that it wasn’t Brad’s plane and the fact that he was on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

The post is now down but the pictures of the plane crash are still available on their site under the same misleading name.


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