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We Have Moved !

As you may have noticed the blog has not been updated in awhile. We’ve decided to move the blog to Live Journal. It’s more user friendly and would allow readers to become members and post articles of their own. The name is the same,

Oh Yes We Did

The community journal is just getting started so forgive the emptiness ( is that word ? lol) Soon it will be up and going. The focus of this community journal is the same as here. There will be articles dealing with both Brad and Angelina, but also other celebrities (not Jennifer Aniston), political figures, and culture. When it comes to posting comments you’ll have to be a member to post comments or post to the journal. Signing up for a Live Journal account is easy, harmless, fast, and free. So don’t let that stop you.

So please, sign up and become a member =D

Hope to see you there !


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