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Craig Resigns

After a week of scandal resulting from a men’s room sting, in which he propositioned a undercover cop, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has resigned. The entire week Craig has been adamant that he is not gay and the rumors, which go back as far as the 1980’s, of his homosexuality are false.

While I have nothing against anyone being gay or choosing to keep whatever their sexual preference private, I do feel a great deal of anger towards those that make a living condemning others for their lifestyle chose. Sen. Craig wants the public to give him his privacy, wants us to all forgive and treat him with respect. But has he given the same to those he called “immoral”? He even went on national television in the late 1990’s condemming then president Bill Clinton for his personal behavior. He called him a “naughty nasty boy.”

Sen Craig is the new poster boy for hypocracy. He wants everyone to live a “traditional” lifestyle. Man and woman, married, and conservative. Yet here he is trying to pick up a guy in a mens room. If he thinks he’s a victim he’s kidding himself.

The lesson from all this is simple. If you’re not ready to live the life you promote then don’t promote it. Don’t condemn others for choosing a lifestyle that is not one you prefer. Let people live their lives and stop pushing yours onto others. This man would still have a job if his career was not built on a platform of judgment and bigotry. Now that the world thinks he’s gay his career is over. His “friends” gave up on him up right from the beginning. He was stripped of all his posts. Craigs has fallen so hard because he and his constituents put him up so high. In the end he’s just a human being who made a mistake. He tried too hard to be the “squeaky clean, Christian values” man. When in fact he’s anything but. This messy and needless scandal sadly will not stop the public from putting leaders up as perfect human beings and politicans from moralizing and casting damning judgment onto others.




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mug shot 

Conservative Senator Larry Craig was busted for soliciting sex in an airport men’s room to an undercover cop, he pleaded guilty. Now he says that he regrets pleading guilty and that he did nothing wrong.

I am not gay, I’ve never been gay, I love my wife and family

He has voted against every gay issue. Gay marriage, civil union, gays in the military. Not only that but he voted to impeach President Clinton.

 God I love it when hypocrites get busted.

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No , you read it right. She drove drunk, apparently didn’t learn her lesson, drove drunk again while under the influence of cociane.

If this happened to me or you, you’ll be damn sure our asses will be sitting in jail right now. Hell, even Paris Hilton went to jail, and the way things look, Lindsay won’t even be spending a day in jail.

Celebrity Justice. Don’t you just love it?

UPDATE: She’ll serve 1 day. uh huh!

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World’s Oldest Father


At the age of 90, Nanu Ram Jogi of India, welcomed his 21st child with his 4th wife.

 Well Damn!

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This my favorite video of the year. Vice President Dick Cheney in 1994 explaining why America should not invade Iraq. I prefer this Dick then the one we’ve been stuck with for the past seven years.

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New pictures ( from Just Jared) of Brad Pitt headed to New Orleans to meet with officials for Global Green USA. The non college degree holder has been working with the organization for the past two years to help build affordable and environmentally sound housing in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. Brad and officials are scheduled to tour the construction site of a Ninth Ward home this Tuesday.


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…Tom O’Gorman noted one Sunday evening during a discussion on Brangelina: “Before you two solve the problems of the world: Finish college!”


I hope Bill Gates hears this. Stop running that billion dollar company and helping the poor in the United States and Africa. Finish college first!


And these are the people give us the “real” news ? I guess it’s Brad and Angelina’s fault that two “journalists” apparently have all the “real” stories covered and were forced against their will to write about them and talk about them day in and day out. I’ll have to remind myself today to light a candle for these poor put-upon journalists.



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