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Weight is a big issue in Hollywood because I’m twice the size, height and everything else, of most of the girls who are going in to see the director for a part. When you realize that I am, at my size, one of the largest actresses there, you start to think, ‘I don’t think it’d be healthy for me to stay here much longer.

Actress, Keira Knightley


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If you hated Leona Helmsley before, you’re really going to hate her now. The Queen of Mean, who died last week, left her dog, yes dog!, $12 million.

$ 12 million to a dog? I guess one rich bitch bit the dust and another one has taken her place.


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In his book (or whoever the hell owns it) OJ Simpson says it wasn’t he who killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Rather, it was a man named “Charlie.”

I could hear Charlie just behind me, saying something, urging me to get the fuck out of there, and at one point he even reached for me and tried to drag me away, but I shook him off, hard, and moved toward Goldman. “Okay, motherfucker!” I said. “Show me how tough you are!”

Then something went horribly wrong, and I know what happened, but I can’t tell you exactly how. I was still standing in Nicole’s courtyard, of course, but for a few moments I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten there, when I’d arrived, or even why I was there. Then it came back to me, very slowly: The recital — with little Sydney up on stage, dancing her little heart out; me, chipping balls into my neighbor’s yard; Paula, angry, not answering her phone; Charlie, stopping by the house to tell me some more ugly shit about Nicole’s behavior. Then what? The short, quick drive from Rockingham to the Bundy condo.

So be on the look out for Charlie. Here’s a composite of what he looks like:


He is said to travel with a little white dog and a yellow bird named Woodstock.


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This is BET’s interesting attempt to get its black audience to read more books. I’m all for the reading books part but could you, oh I don’t know… do it with just a tad less stereotypes?


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The tabloids and gossip bloggers continue to fill their pages with rubbish stories about Jennifer Aniston with one highly publicised report last month claiming her former husband, Brad Pitt, visited her with his daughter Shiloh. A story her rep has, only now, denied.

A rep for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt said “Ms. Jolie-Pitt is too busy visiting a refugee camp and hanging onto her hot mother to give a damn.”


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What in the hell?!? Girl get your ass back to the salon and finish putting in the rest of your weave!

Credit: stereohyped.com

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…Tom O’Gorman noted one Sunday evening during a discussion on Brangelina: “Before you two solve the problems of the world: Finish college!”


I hope Bill Gates hears this. Stop running that billion dollar company and helping the poor in the United States and Africa. Finish college first!


And these are the people give us the “real” news ? I guess it’s Brad and Angelina’s fault that two “journalists” apparently have all the “real” stories covered and were forced against their will to write about them and talk about them day in and day out. I’ll have to remind myself today to light a candle for these poor put-upon journalists.



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