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Britney is “Embarrassed”

Well duh! of course she is. Britney’s “comeback” performance at last night’s VMA’s sucked as you all know ( well minus 50 Cent apparently) and in less than 24 hours there has been enough theories as to why she sucked to make 9/11 conspiracy nuts look sane.

Some people think it was due to Sarah Silverman’s crass joke about her babies being “mistakes”, Brit Brit’s shoes failing her, wrong wardrobe, and being nervous. While we’ll never really know why she sucked so hard I will go out on a ledge and say it was because she um… has no real talent. There were many MANY people there that night that out shinned Britney Spears because they were 1. prepared 2. professionals and 3. had actual talent. I feel sorry for Britney but only up to a point. The world doesn’t really need a Spears comeback. There are plenty other performers and artists worthy of the attention she gets. If she doesn’t want to get a hold of her life and have a career that’s on her. It’s no ones loss but hers. Perform or don’t perform. No one will miss her.

Cruel? maybe, but I think many would agree with me.



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Welcome to Oh Yes We Did. You may wonder why we are calling our blog Oh Yes We Did. Well, to put it simply, by the time you finish reading our posts you’ll be saying “Oh no they didn’t.”

We are dedicated to showing the truth behind the lies and manipulations.

If you are anything like we are then you are tired of being manipulated by the media day in and day out through television, news paper and (gasps) the internet. Well, at least if you have half a working brain cell to realize that you’re being played.

Some of us choose to stay in blissful ignorance. If that is your thing, then this is the wrong place for you. But you, who like us refuse to be played any longer, refuse to led by the media leash then welcome to “Oh Yes We Did.”

“We are told by people in the media industry that news bias is unavoidable. Whatever distortions and inaccuracies that are found in the news are caused by deadline pressures, human misjudgment, limited print space, scarce air time, budgetary restraints, and the difficulty of reducing a complex story into a concise report. Furthermore, the argument goes, no communication system can hope to report everything. Selectivity is needed, and some members of the public are bound to be dissatisfied”


~ Michael Parenti

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