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On their website , Us Weekly has a story about Brad Pitt’s tattoo (he’s rumored to have at least three) located on his left forearm. This is what they wrote:

It looks like Brad Pitt took a little piece of France home with him. After vacationing in the European nation with his family in July, Pitt acquired a new tattoo written in — you guessed it — French.

The inked script on Pitt’s left forearm was first spotted by Us on Tuesday during the 43-year-old actor’s carriage ride through New York’s Central Park with daughter Zahara. It translates to “life is absurd,” a phrase borrowed from the theories of French existentialist Albert Camus.

Despite the tat’s Gallic origins, it’s rumored that the body art was commissioned in Chicago. Pitt and his family were in the Windy City while Angelina Jolie filmed an upcoming movie, Wanted.

Where to begin… first, the tattoo is a year old and was definetly NOT done in Chicago. The tattoo has been talked about for well over a year on Brad Pitt fan sites. It’s not everyday that you see Brad Pitt with a tattoo so naturally fans were intrigued. It first came up in photos mid 2006, after the birth of Pitt’s youngest daughter Shiloh Jolie Pitt. Second, the tattoo says “Absurdites De l’existence” – absurdities of the existence. It’s from Friedrich Nietsche, a German philosopher.

Now, we can’t be sure if this was the inspiration for Brad’s tattoo, it does seem very plausable. Mariane Peral, widow of Daniel Pearl, edited a book of articles written by her late husband. In the foward to the book she writes…

“I wish you a good journey through Danny’s writings. It is my sincere hope that his spirit and values will radiate from all of you who he inspires. I hope that, like me, you will be able to laugh with Danny as he navigates you through the absurdités de l’existence. Mainly, I trust that Danny’s flame will keep burning in you as it does in me, his wife.” — Mariane Pearl, Paris, France.

Again, we can’t say 100% that this was the inspiration for the quote on Brad’s arm, but again, it seems very likely. Brad produced the film adaptation of Pearls’ book A Mighty Heart and and Brad has stated that Daniel and Mariane Pearl have been a great inspiration to him since reading about the late reporters kidnapping in 2002.

Brad’s been spotted showing off the tattoo more times than we can count. So it’s kind of funny that it took Us Weekly, the “reliable”magazine, a year or more to finally catch it. Maybe they’ll cover this in their next “Fake News” report.




Thanks to Fati @ BAFans for the info.


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After reading all of the tabloid reports about Brad and Angelina, one thing is certainly clear–the couple is happy as can be. Why is it that people feel the need to make up and report crap about couples in order to sell a magazine? Truth is stranger than fiction, people!

And if the media was truly doing their job; if they were fair and honest; if they were kind and careful, Brangelina might be more than happy to open up and say what’s really going on with them. But after all of their words being twisted and mis-reported, they’re just not letting anyone in … which leaves the media in a tough spot.

What will they report on when the celebs close their lips? The things that paparazzi tell them. All of these “sources” and “insiders” and “confidants” are not close friends and family to the stars. I think that we should all make a real effort to question the source rather than question the couple! I dare you.


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